A graphical tool to make the deploying of Qt quick applications on linux platform faster.

Running the Project

You can download and run the latest release on your linux system by extracting the compressed file and running the shell script. Or if you want to compile the project from source you can see the Building from Source section.

Building from Source

If you are using qtcreator you can just load the project inside qtcreator and run the project from there. If you are not using qtcreator make sure you have qt and qmake installed on your system and run the commands below inside the project directory:

$ qmake QLD.pro
$ make


The program’s user interface is easy to understand and use but if you have trouble using it you can see the usage documentation. The pages of the program are explained there.


This project is published under GPL v3.0 license. See the license file for more details.


If there are any issues or bugs you can report them on the issues page and star the project if you like it.


You can see some screenshots here. If you want to see more screenshots see the screenshots directory